Super Moon, Summer Solstice and To Run…You Choose


By Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News

Today is the Summer Solstice and this weekend is the “Super Moon.”  I love it!

Run under the “Super Moon” and be inspired.

I still need to start my training…I plan to run with my team – LIFE Runners in the Crazy Horse Race October 2013.  I haven’t committed to the Half or Full yet.  I’m leaning to the Half marathon because it will be a quicker recovery but yet less challenging because I have done this several times.  Only finished a full marathon once.  More than likely though if I do the full, I’ll be one of the last finishers.  I’m a slow runner.  It was an awesome experience though.

What would you do?

Either way – I plan to start training this weekend.

Half or full?

Solar Eclipse Ends Great Weekend Pre-Training for Marathon – Strong

Scope out a spot tonight that will give you the best vantage point to watch the sunset.  You’ll see something that doesn’t come around very often.

Much of the U.S and Canada, will see a rare partial eclipse at sunset Sunday. This photo is from the June 10, 2002 eclipse. Credit: Christopher Go

For more info about this eclipse click  here.  I found this blog pretty interesting. 

What a time we had at my nephew’s wedding.  Friday, my sisters and I hosted a bridal luncheon then later in the day we gathered with everyone at the rehearsal dinner.  Yesterday was the wedding with a dinner reception later in the evening and finished it off with a dance.  Click here to see the pictures.  Jon is about as good as they come.  So much fun to be around and full of heart and soul.  Malorie  is the girl of his dreams and we all love having her in the family.  They have dated for several years and finally Jon popped the question last fall. He is so cool, he had a photographer snapping pics and Malorie was so surprised.  This picture was used as a “save the date” card for their wedding.

Jon proposes to Malorie in St. Louis

Even with the wedding I still got my 4 miles in yesterday and then went on to dance up a storm last night (great aerobic workout My Fitness Pal says that it’s possibly another 400 calories burned :)).

Then today I did 5.3 miles.  It was about 85 degrees so midway through I did a half mile portion of it walking in our mall to cool down a bit.  The .33 miles was the cool down at the end.  I forgot to turn off my tracker though so it messed up my pace.  I ran 2.5 at 12 minutes then the rest I race walked.

The heat was tough.  I figure I had better get used to it since it’s just going to keep getting warmer.  Best strategy is to run in morning.  Will be easier to do that this week.  Burned 630 calories with today’s effort.   Pre-Training for Marathon is still going well.  Muscles were a bit tired today but no complaints.

Have a great afternoon!




Conquered a Stubborn Incline and Movin’ On

I know it doesn’t look like improvement… an average pace of 13:58.  However, I struggle with a long incline that you can see below the map.  This is the first time I’ve ever run this entire route without stopping.

Even though humidity is so heavy you can cut it with a knife (72 degrees/ 82% humidity), I was still able to continue jogging up that long slow incline that I had not done before.  Then in addition to that, a steep shorter hill towards the end was no picnic but I swung my elbows back further to get momentum.  I made it to the top and kept going.  The end of the run I walked some and then did stretches.  Heart rate 20 minutes after finishing was 120.  Now after 90 minutes it is 89.

My breathing is getting better and I don’t cough now when I finish like I used to do before.   Bruce Lee was one who knew that physical strength and endurance depended on your lung capacity.  That has held me back for so long…but not any more.  That is a major break-through for me.

Here’s the run info:

Distance Elevation Grade
Cat Start End Length Min Max Avg. Max
1.11 mi 1.58 mi 0.47 mi 758 ft 823 ft 2.6%
Did you see the super moon last night?
Here’s an image of it from our deck.
The lights at bottom of pic were houses and other city lights.  I didn’t see any of the shooting stars (from Haley’s Cometmeteor shower) this morning between 4:30 – 5:30 am.  The moon was just too bright.  Earth Sky has great pictures on their Facebook page too if you really want to see some great images of the astronomical occurrence.  The last time there was such – March 2011.
Have a great day and make it count!

Watch the Skies and Then Run Under the Super Moon for a Good Howl

This weekend holds excitement in the skies.  

An hour after sunset there is a beautiful conjunction with the moon, Saturn and the bright blue star Spica in Virgo.

Image below is from last super moon in March 2011 from Entiat, Washington.

Saturday night will also feature a meteor shower along with the super moon.  The glow of the moon will make the meteor shower hard to see though.  Check out the links below for more info – pretty cool.

Running under the super moon.  Fun!

Supermoon Saturday Links:


The Lunar Eclipse

Star-gazing.  Love it!  Got to have the right gear…to go with my MU Tiger pj’s for a cold winter night.

At  5 am could see the moon was full and bright.  Took more pics at 6 am.  Then about 7am – just before dawn, it became larger and orangish/yellow.  What a sight.  My cell phone camera and shaky hands didn’t capture very good pics.  However, click here for the Earth Sky facebook page.  People took pics from all over the World.  I added them below (with credits).

5 am

5:15 am…

6 am…

7 am

What a great start to the day.  My pictures don’t hold a candle to any that I found at Earth Sky’s Facebook page…take a look.

Lunar Eclipse, Dec 10, Mike O'Neal, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Amer Bandak, Brentwood (North Calif), Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, May Toyo, Japan, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Lyle Evans, California, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Denver, James Shelley, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Matthew Paul, Brisbane, Austrailia, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Rachel Philips, Brooklyn NY, Facebook

Lunar Eclipse, Tammy Stoner, NE US Facebook

Lunar Eclipse (most recent shot), Tokyo, Japan, May Toyo, Facebook

There is a meteor shower in a few days.  Don’t miss out.

Have a great day!

Night of the Owls

Mystical Great Horned Owl

Last Christmas Eve night  I woke up at 2 am to the sound of a Great Horned Owl calling to another owl that returned the call.  This went on for about an hour.  It had been more than 20 years since I had heard an owl at night.  When I looked out the window, there was a beautiful layer of new fallen snow and the moon shined bright over such.  It wasn’t quite a full moon but just short of such.  What a beautiful sight and the sound was magical.  I wrote about it the next day. 

Great Horned Owl in Snow

Tomorrow morning at 4am there will be an eclipse of the moon.  Maybe our Owls will be back to watch from their nearby perch.

Love those Owls.

Tomorrow, back to cleaning and decorating.  Trying to get our tree to the next level.  Poor Jim and Alex had to look at this all week…a half baked tree on a card-table on a large wooden box.  We just called it art and left it at that.  However, tomorrow – it gets finished.

Here’s my helper – Alex.  He was sneaking some Jello in between tasks last week.   My shaky hands don’t take good pics.

On Tuesday this week – we had our first snow…on top of a layer of ice.

Of course we had to drive to Columbia that morning.  We passed more cars off the road and almost was in 2 accidents ourselves.  We weren’t though and we were thankful.  We were also thankful for a good report from the doc on Jim’s eyes.  God is good.

So tonight’s an eclipse and don’t forget to set your alarm to get up and watch…

Have a great night!