Bring on Christmas!

This has been a busy weekend for Alex (high school band-member).  Friday night was “Living Windows” in Downtown.  Then yesterday was the Christmas Parade.  Today he’s off to Confirmation class (with 2 dozen doughnuts no less).   It’s a full-time job just keeping up with him.  While we are gone, our dog – Cypress is head-dog-in-charge (HDIC).   Ruh-Roh!

That means doors in the house are locked.  The downstairs door has an ottoman in front of it and TV is left on to make her think someone is home.  A lot of trouble – right?  Oh well…that’s life at our house.  Cypress believes she is the leader of the pack or family…hmm???

Today I have so much to get done – I’m not even going to create a list.  However, no logging onto computer till tomorrow.  Better decorate outside of house so we are no longer the dark hole of the neighborhood.

(Thanks to Mail Online for photo).

In amongst my many things is to be sure and run 3 – 4 miles.  Hope your having a “rock star” weekend.


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