Keeping it Real and Organic (or trying to anyway)

Well, first and foremost…Cypress has got her groove back.  She’s much better thanks to the antibiotics. 

Sunday is always a full day.  However,  I still got my hour in of running/walking.  I like to hit the trails more now that it’s cooler and trekking on the mulched trail feels good to my feet and knees.

Before Mass I have a number of things I have to get done.  Then afterwards…the cooking begins.

Today – I fixed (wrestled) a 13 pound turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cut strawberries, cole slaw and made some snack packs for the week.  Then browned some hamburger (grass-fed beef ) for Alex’s taco’s for the week.  About half of everything was organic.  Some of the produce wasn’t but I used a special wash to get rid of the pesticides and such.   Tomorrow Jim is grilling some steaks (grass-fed beef).  Then we just heat stuff up through the week.  I bought some Wild Alaskan Salmon, which according to Jillian Michael’s, is the best thing you can eat in the protein list.  I also have traded in sweetener for Xylo-sweet.  I’m a lot more conscious of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, growth hormones, pesticides, etc.

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