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Owls Among Us

Alex and I went for a walk on one of the beautiful trails at the Runge Nature Center today.

In the middle of the woods was this gentleman with his card table and an Owl perched on it.  He gave us a brief but thorough tutorial and then we continued on our way.  What a pleasant surprise.  We went  about 2 – 3 miles.  Love going out there.  Then headed to the store…

Earlier today we took our dog Cypress to the vet.

She was really sick.  As we prepared to leave with her, it was kind of emotional because we thought it might be for the last time.

Alex (age 10) and Cypress

However, the doctor checked her over and thinks she has a really bad bladder infection.  He gave us antibiotics  and said to call him Monday.   We were really relieved.  Hopefully she will be up and around by tomorrow.  Doing a lot of snoozing today.

One comment on “Owls Among Us

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Poor Cypress!

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