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Calling on Jillian Michael’s for Motivation with…House Work???

One week ago today, at this very moment , I was on mile 6 in the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half Marathon.  I had passed by my family, about 45 minutes earlier, who were freezing on a street corner between mile 2 & 3.   It is always so nice to have family at the race. It’s a sacrifice on their part – a lot of standing around, waiting, etc.  They deserve medals for tolerating the cold earlier that day and being such great support.

Today, I need to swing into action and get some of my much-needed housework done.  Ho hum.  Nonetheless, my house is screaming for attention.  So I’m arming myself with broom, mop, vacuum, etc., and waging war on dust, dirt and grime.  Not very exciting but I’ll feel better once it’s done.

When I’ve participated in the More/fitness Magazine Half Marathons, there is always a celebrity running along with participants for encouragement and PR.  In April, it was Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Maybe if I have a celeb work alongside me with my marathon housework effort today, I’d be more motivated.  Also, hearing the crowd cheer as I finish each room and move to the next.  I think for today’s event, I need Jillian Michael’s to keep me moving.

More than that, I think I’ll offer it up and just get it done knowing that I’m doing so.  That’s motivation and then some.

I’m also going to get a good 3 mile walk/run in today too.  I am determined to keep up my running so I lose some weight before training starts for the next race.

Have a great Saturday and make the most of it.  Also, get outside and take advantage of the great weather!

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