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Feet and ankles are still swelled some – can barely see bump of the ankle bone. I’m still really tired too, but movin’ on. In another week I’m going to start running again. Just 2 or 3 miles and I’m going to work on speed. No more half marathons over 2 1/2 hours.

The More Half is in April. It’s so exensive to stay in NY though, I doubt I will go. However, as it gets closer – it will be hard to resist. I would love to go back. It starts with a few quick checks on Expedia for hotels/air fare. Then it moves to more checks more often. Then going to blogs of those from More Magazine. Then in just a matter of a week or so, I’m hooked.

My son just informed me that he is going to be needing a specific car soon because he plans to take his drivers test in a few weeks. Just when I thought I had fear and anxiety tackled with running…here comes more. EEEEK. My son…my baby…behind the wheel of a car.

Does every parent have such anxiety about their kids driving???

Have a great night.

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