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Another 4 Miles Down

Running along the streets without sidewalks is challenging.  Once I get out on the road with more traffic, I’m forced to run/walk along the curbing which has a slight incline towards the curb in some areas its more severe than others.  Dodging cars, jumping cracks and pot holes, it’s an obstacle course for sure.  I always take more care not to make too many sudden moves to prevent an injury.  However, I find that those things break my stride.  This morning I averaged 14 minute miles.  I hope that means I may be faster than that, maybe not but feeling good anyway.  Streets can be mean but we just have to be smarter when running on them.  Also, watch out for people texting – I saw 2 with a phone in their face as they were driving past me.  Fortunately I was up on the grass at that point – no sidewalks there.  Tomorrow – 10 miles – I’m looking for an interesting path – different than I’ve done before.   Maybe something like this place…Unfortunately that isn’t nearby.

Time to go…Have a great day!

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