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Runnin’ for Life

Yesterday I was in Kansas City with a mid afternoon appointment.  After that was finished, I drove past what is to be the start of the Waddell and Reed Half Marathon on October 15th.  It was exciting to think about how it will feel that day – running through those streets.  It caused me to remember to make my hotel reservations while I was driving.  There is a very large convention in town that weekend  – so for runners, be sure you get your reservations soon or you’ll be out on the curb.  Later in the day I went to the grand opening of The Women’s Clinic in Grandview, Mo…the place that God built.  Literally, the first Women’s Clinic in Independence, Mo. was prayed into existence by a group of sisters that lived down the street and were hopeful of such, when the store front right next to Planned Parenthood opened up for rent.  Thus, in just a few weeks, The Women’s Clinic opened.  Pictured here is Tom and Deborah Neel with the nun that was part of the convent that prayed for them to open.  Deborah is the Center’s Executive Director and Tom is the Development Director for them.    Even though there are more than 2,500 pregnancy centers across the US.  Their center was mentioned in Time Magazine because it shares a wall with Planned Parenthood. Now they have 2 Centers that have such. To Know Tom and Deborah – is to know God’s love in action.  Any time I am at the Center or visit with them, I leave feeling renewed.

The new Center in Grandview, Mo. was brought about by an army of contractors that volunteered their time and donated materials.  What was to cost $180,000 in the end was only $25,000.  That was after a very moving program at their annual banquet where more than 500 of their supporters gave their largest gifts to make this Center a reality.  I go to about 30 to 40 such events a year, but that was one that I will never forget.  There is something God-like going on there.  Good luck and best wishes to Deborah, Tom and all of the staff/volunteers of the Women’s Clinics and their lifesaving work.

Wishing everyone a great day!


One comment on “Runnin’ for Life

  1. Dolores says:

    Very uplifting and inspiring post. I should say very uplifting and inspiring people! God bless them for their courageous work. I was needing some positive vibes, thank you!

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