What’s Wrong With This Picture?

So here are the pictures that were sent to the doctor today.  Our family nurse (my sister) who reads this blog too (by the way), concurred with my work associates that it was time to call the doc.  All is okay though but as I sit here at 9:30, I am pretty uncomfortable.  I have an ice pack on it now to get the swelling to go down.  If the doctor comes back with a lab report that says they didn’t get it all, I’m going to tell him – too bad.  No going back for seconds

 here.  Maybe down the road but for now  this arm is closed for the season.

Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure things will improve so I can get on with training.

Have a happy Wednesday!



2 responses

    • Thanks, it looks worse than it feels. Swelling is still present but hematoma or whatever that was is getting better. Dolores says – definitely hematoma. Have a great day! Anne

      Anne Carmichael

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