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Running to Devil Wears Prada

Believe it or not, when I run on my treadmill, I put the Devil Wears Prada on and plug in my Ipod.  Then off I go.  Why?  Because that movie has so much of NYC in it – I’m fascinated by the fashion industry and I also love several actors/acresses in it too.  It’s a feel good movie and that positive energy is something I draw from when I run.  It works.  I went 4.5 miles this morning.

List Your Favorite Movies.  Does anyone have a favorite that is different than mine.  Below is my list – not in any order.  Each is such for a variety of reasons.  There are some that you may decide are actually really bad…but for me it maybe is because of the music, scenery or maybe reminds me of something.  Show me your list –

  1. To Sir with Love
  2. Lilies of the Field
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. My Fair Lady
  5. Going My Way
  6. Rocky
  7. The Alamo (Old and Remake)
  8. Any John Wayne Movie
  9. Taken
  10. Apollo 13
  11. The Devil Wears Prada
  12. Sex in the City (I not II)
  13. Blame it on Rio
  14. Jesus Christ Superstar
  15. Iron Jawed Angels
  16. The Shoes of A Fisherman
  17. Titanic
  18. Brian’s Song
  19. Patton
  20. 1776
  21. Erin Brockovich
  22. Maid in Manhattan
  23. Queen of the Damned (In a weird way – the music)
  24. Marie Antoinette
  25. The Ten Commandments
  26. Lawrence of Arabia
  27. It’s a Wonderful Life
  28. Schindler’s List
  29. The Singing Nun
  30. Where Angel’s Go Trouble Follows
  31. Billy Jack
  32. Gone With the Wind
  33. The Wizard of Oz
  34. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  35. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  36. To Kill a Mockingbird
  37. West Side Story
  38. Tootsie
  39. The Jazz Singer
  40. Ben Hur
  41. The African Queen
  42. The Blind Side
  43. War of the Worlds (1st one)
  44. Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella
  45. Love Story
  46. The Other Side of the Mountain
  47. The Robe
  48. Brave Heart
  49. A Star is Born
  50. Moonstruck
  51. On Golden Pond
  52. You’ve Got Mail
  53. The King and I
  54. The American President
  55. The Candidate
  56. Working Girl
  57. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
  58. The Out of Towner’s
  59. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
  60. The Bells of St. Mary’s
  61. Nine to Five
  62. Coming to America
  63. A League of Their Own
  64. My Cousin Vinny
  65. Rio Bravo
  66. The Last of the Mohicans’s
  67. Rooster Cogburn
  68. The Green Berets
  69. Rio Lobo
  70. The Undefeated
  71. How the West Was Won
  72. Donovan’s Reef
  73. The Monty Stratton Story
  74. Shenandoah
  75. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  76. The Tempest (because of the unbelievable scenery
    – I love Greece)
  77. All the President’s Men
  78. The Christmas Wife
  79. Camelot
  80. Wallstreet
  81. Memoirs of a Geisha

Old Memories and Overcoming Fears

Alex and I attempted to walk across the Missouri River Bridge.  I thought my fear of heights would be under control since there is a high fence on the outside of the bridge.  Well, we were just 5 feet out and I couldn’t take one more step.  I noticed the bridge moving, the ground far below and the fast flowing river and then… I froze.  I turned to Alex and held his arm to get back off the bridge.  Here is a video of the view from the bridge where we were – video was by someone else.

We walked about 2.5 miles anyway down West Main.

After coming home I fixed a roast, salad, and prepped some vegies and fruit.  Then Jim and I changed and headed to the 30th anniversary of “Das Stein Haus.”  A place that Jim and I spent a lot of time at early in our dating and marriage.  Our rehearsal dinner was there as well as a surprise party I had there for Jim’s birthday way back when as well as many other special occasions .  Helmut has aged as had we.  However, much of his place is the same with some expansions.  He showed us a new area he has down stairs for small parties with a bar – it was nice with many original paintings and other German touches.  He told Jim, “nothing ever changtes, I’m still cooking…” as he stood there with his apron on.  Many people were there as well with lots of fond memories of the place.  I remember my parents loved it because it was German.  They have both since passed away.  We had some dear friends that spent much time with us there.  It is a place that holds a fond place in our hearts.  We love Helmut and encourage everyone to go there if they are ever in Jefferson City. This is the link to the website.  Helmut came to the U.S.  from Vienna where he grew up.  We met his Mother at the restaurant in the late 80’s.  She was very proud of him and rightfully so.  To have a restaurant that is in business for 30 years is an acheivement.  He has struggled with economic trends and such but his life is rich from relationships and experiences that it has brought him since.  Congratulations to Das Stein Haus.  I hope we are able to go there on the 60th anniversary too.  Below is Jim, Me and Helmut from this evening.  Below is a picture we took of Helmut while we were having drinks with him in 1984 on the deck of Das Stein Hause.  Good Times!

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

So here are the pictures that were sent to the doctor today.  Our family nurse (my sister) who reads this blog too (by the way), concurred with my work associates that it was time to call the doc.  All is okay though but as I sit here at 9:30, I am pretty uncomfortable.  I have an ice pack on it now to get the swelling to go down.  If the doctor comes back with a lab report that says they didn’t get it all, I’m going to tell him – too bad.  No going back for seconds

 here.  Maybe down the road but for now  this arm is closed for the season.

Tomorrow is another day and I’m sure things will improve so I can get on with training.

Have a happy Wednesday!