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Good Run Great Weather

Above is the link to my 4 mile run. It isn’t that scenic but it’s convenient. My favorite takes in the Capitol. I’m anxious for my next stay in KC. I’m going to get up early and run part of the course before going to appt. It always helps to run the course before so you know what to expect. Also, figure out where bathrooms are and how far you can go before stopping. I’m familiar with this area – driving it anyway. I have a long way to go though and need to train for speed and distance this time around…and I have the sore muscles to prove it.

It’s a great day so attack it like a champ (arms in air like
Sylvester Stalone in Rocky jumping up and down on top of stairs after long run with song playing).

2 comments on “Good Run Great Weather

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Good for you! I bet you like this weather better than a couple of weeks ago!

  2. Dolores says:

    You go girl!!

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