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I Truly Pushed Through It!

Woke up at 3 am this morning…with a migraineBeen getting them the last few days.  Nonetheless.  Nothing gets in the way of training.  So, I decided at 4 am to get up.  Had coffee, meds, etc.  Then added a post to my blog this morning – see last post “Push Through It.”   With head still throbbing a little and nausea just below surface, I headed out.  At 2 mile mark nausea begins to build and head throbbing a little more.  At mile 3 I begin to wonder if I will make it home before something happens.  At mile 3.5 jogging after a brief walk break to get to the house sooner.   Head really hurts, face – red hot, stomache upset and yet, I make it and everything is ok.  Took another Sumatriptan and sat under ceiling fan with ice on head.  I did it.  I have a long way to go and even though it is 7:15 right now –  12 hours later.  I have that migraine creaping back and building.  I am seeing a plastic surgeon tomorrow about a basil cell carcinoma that they have to cut out from a very large area on my arm that already garners a 3 inch scar.  Didn’t get it all so they have to cut again.  Because of such, this time going to P.S.  Tonight on news was a story about how Botox and brow lift with removal of some tissue eliminates migraines (click here to watch) .  I’m bringing that up tomorrow – have suffered from such for 22 years.  Life without migraines…ahhhh…….

One comment on “I Truly Pushed Through It!

  1. Dolores says:

    Wow, you are tough. I can’t image running with a migraine! You’ve certainly got some “gravel in your gut”!

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