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Jump Start Training for KC Half Marathon

Today marked the beginning of my training for the October 15tth KC Half Marathon.  I started out with a 4 mile hike to the St. Martin’s K of C Hall to help my sisters family pack up from the previous days festivities – Jeremy and Anne’s Wedding.

I dusted off my Camelpak and filled with about 32 ounces of ice water (drank all of it too).  Also took along my phone, kleenex, lip balm, meds, Ipod and sunglasses.  I did pretty good.  The heat was kind of intense, but stayed hydrated and stopped at a gas station along the way to use their facilities.  I ran a little…but I think I’m going to do most of my running in doors – at the gym.  Too hot.  Click here for  the map of my first day of training…

2 comments on “Jump Start Training for KC Half Marathon

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    All I can say is Good for you!!! That was quite a distance and Hwy T is hilly!!!

  2. morrybo says:

    I wish you all the best 🙂 I’ll be following your progress 🙂 , I started training 5 weeks ago for the half marathon 🙂 ..So far its been tough 🙂 …start start 🙂 < and I plan to do it in 12 weeks 🙂 !

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