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I’m In!

The Wadell and Reed Kansas City Half Marathon is October 15th and I’m doing it.  It’s 10 weeks away and I know that is not a lot of time.  So starting Sunday…I’m in training again and boy do I need it!  Also, I am running with to raise money for pregnancy centers that offer free help to women that are  pregnant and in need.  Life Runners have already raised $25,000 for a Center in South Dakota and are now including the Wyandotte Clinic in KC, Kansas.  Click here to go to my fundraising page if you would like to donate.  I’m jumping in here kind of late in the game but anxious to get going.  I need the work out too.  It’s been almost 4 months since my last half marathon.  Hopefully all that will come back as soon as I swing into action.  Wish me luck!

Click here to see information about Life Runners

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