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New York Is Where I Want To Stay…

Green Acres was a favorite sitcom of mine back in the day.  The stunning city sophisticate Eva Gabor and her farm loving husband would play off of each others polar opposite perceptions of how to address daily life in the little town of Hooterville

In a way, I too have that yearning to be in NYC…the center of the universe.  So much happens there and within a few city blocks you can quickly get to some of the best museums, landmarks, shopping, etc and probably pass someone making a movie along the way.  That is truly one of the things that motivates me to participate in this half marathon as opposed to others.  This marks my 5th trip to NY and I can never get enough. 

The other reason for running though is to acheive a dream.  When I was younger and in better shape, I dreamed of running in a marathon.  Trained a few times but never went through with it.  I am now 49 and see that there are very few women over 50 that participate in even a half marathon, so this is it.  I finished one last year, but this year I want to run the whole thing. 

Based on my experience and research on last year as a non-runner training for my first half marathon, I put this information together.  Let’s just call it, Anne’s Half Marathon Fact Sheet for Non Runners .  Next week though you’ll hear from an expert who actually lives in NY and trains women for such. Jess, a personal trainer who has a blog, will share what you need to focus on for the More Magazine Half Marathon that will be held April 3, 2011.  Look for it.

Have another great day and make it count!

3 comments on “New York Is Where I Want To Stay…

  1. bearrunner says:

    Any run in NYC would be an experience… The crowds, the participants, the city itself… Good luck in the half


    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! Keep reading, I’ll tell you how it goes. I am accepting guest posts, so if you would like to write something about what it’s like or means to you to train and run, just let me know. I am trying to encourage others to get a different perspective on such and also describe training in a different geographic area. I’m from the midwest (Missouri). I hope you’ll consider it. I will leave it up at the top of my blog for about a week. Think about it. You can read more about me at
      Thanks again and have a great day!

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