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Trip to the Doctor

This morning, that back pain I mentioned yesterday, increased through the night and made it difficult to move or get out of bed.  Now coupled with low-grade fever.   After a trip to the doctor and steroid shot along with Medrol pack and anti-biotics…I should be on the mend – already went and back home.   Plurisy is something I had as a teenager.  It seems to be some kind of trend with cold-weather runners – not a lot but I’ve seen mention of by others.  Maybe I caught it early.  I don’t feel as sick as I was as a teenager with it.  However, I didn’t see a doctor back then, till I had been sick for several days.  I was planning to go to the gym tonight but not now.  I will be spending rest of day sleeping.  Really tired – zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Enough of that though.  Here’s todays dose of motivation:
Here’s David Letterman’s NYC Marathon Top 10 List  If that didn’t make you smile, here’s one that will  – I love the Chilean miner, Edison Pena – He doesn’t speak a word of English – has interpreter sitting next to him.  Yet…watch!   Great clip of Chilean Miner Doing Elvis

One comment on “Trip to the Doctor

  1. Dlauf says:

    Sorry to hear you have pleursy. I’ve had that before too and it is painful. Hope your feel better soon. Like your links, pretty humorous.

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