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Handwarmer Kind of Day

Suited up for the great outdoors…this included handwaremers today.  These are great for running in the cold.  Hands and face gets it the worse.  I always cover my ears with a band that also keeps earphones in place.  

I went for a 5 mile stretch while visiting Jim’s Mom today.  I felt really good afterwards too.  I have this pain in my back that I think is a kidney infection.  What is it with those?  I can tell I’m getting stronger too.  I surprised myself with my ability to maintain running stamina longer – also a lot less up and down movement and more forward.  It’s hard to run in the cold – hard to breath…my nose always gets clogged up.   Each weekend going forward I will be increasing the long run.  Next weekend it will be 7 miles, then 8, 9 and 10 – 2 weeks prior to race.  I get nervous as I go into these last 4 weeks of training.  This is when you know this is for real and no more fooling around or allowing yourself an out because maybe today isn’t a good day or you feel bad or whatever.  Every other day is a run day and inbetween – gym day.  I am trying to run more outside too this time.  It was 32 degrees today when I worked out.  I hope its around 50 for the race, but I’ll be ready for anything.  Have a great week!

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