How to Rock 2018

How to Rock 2018

I just came back from a three year exercise/diet  hiatus.  I won’t bore you with the details as to why, but I’m older and heavier which makes it harder to get back into an exercise routine.  I started running because I wanted to run a half marathon before I turned 50.  Since then I’ve finished six half’s and one full marathon.  My last race was in the fall of 2013.

So this is going to be my comeback.

Scenic Road In A Forest

I’ve signed on to Noom to help with a diet to lose the weight and get an exercise plan.  Also pulling up some good recipes and plans from past.

Maybe a little too ambitious but I’m signing up for the Shape Half Marathon in New York’s Central Park on April 14.    #WomenRunTheWorld #BigMotivation

So here’s my plan:

Stay Hydrated…

  • 64 ounces of water each day.



  • 1200 calorie diet – low sugar, salt and fat from all food groups.
  • Enlisted help of Noom.
  • Follow 6 small meals each day.
  • Cook everything on  weekend and prepare lunches for the week.



  • Start off with 3 mile walks and some core strengthening exercises.
  • Build up to light jogs.
  • Increase strength training and intensity over time.
  • Warm up and cool down.
  • Stretching

woman walking towards unknown places


  • Create a video in my  mind of what it will be like to be fit again.
  • Get great music on tap to listen to during such.

There’s more to the plan but this is just to get me started.


I Run with a Pack

This is (some of) my local running group.  Proud of them.  Great friends and team mates.  

We had our monthly training run (3 miles) today.  It was a warm one but the park offered some nice shade.  

We pray the LIFE Runners creed before we start.

Then we also pray as we run.

At about 10 minutes into my regular run (4 days per week), I say, “For all those on my prayer list”  and then I begin my prayers.

running prayer list

I run as a prayer.

As a LIFE Runner, I offer up my running as a prayer.

The power of prayer and sacrifice is immeasurable.

As car accident victim, Katie Lentz said, “Pray out loud.”  Read her incredible story that was dubbed the Missouri Miracle, here.

1157584_228917023923603_585416988_nTomorrow I’ll do my long run of 9 miles (training for Crazy Horse Half Marathon).  

Thankful for the ability to run.  

Running mile 26 of the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon Oct 2012.

Running mile 26 of the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon Oct 2012.

This is our full team (Oct 2012) from all parts of  the country…The National LIFE Runners (1,500 members strong as of today).

Gathering at Cathedral before Mass and Pre-Race Banquet

Gathering at Cathedral before Mass and Pre-Race Banquet


Morning of the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon

Nellie Grey 5K, Washington, DC

As I said, I run with a pack…they are the best!  Watch this video of the Mid-MO portion (my local chapter) of the LIFE Runners Across the Country Relay

Be inspired and then join us!

The LIFE Runner Creed

We believe in the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death.   We run as a Prayer, that children in the womb may be protected, so that they may be born and welcomed into the Christian community by baptism.  We run to build Endurance, for the race is long and we must keep our eyes fixed on You Lord.  We run for Awareness, that the eyes of all people may be transformed and see every human life as a reflection of Your glory Lord.  We run for Charity, to provide Truth for mothers and fathers tempted to abort their child…and healing support for post-abortive women, men and families.  We run to End abortion, for Christ has destroyed the power of death, and therefore the power of abortion. Guard us all, born and unborn, with Your PEACE, Lord.   For in You, life is victorious. We pray and run in Your name, Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.

My Marathon Journey, 10 Years in the Making…Now Finished

St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon for 2012 is now history.  According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 10/22/12, Shane Logan who finished 2nd in the Men’s Division said, it was the hardest course he had ever run.

Mine was a journey that began with a desire ten years ago to run a marathon. I had just turned 40.  As a former smoker – previously thought it to be impossible.  I took my first step towards such in January 2010 with training for my 1st half marathon.  It was a brutal race with constant rain, cold and some participants treated for hypothermia.  Then after finishing 4 half marathons finally (Feb 2012) clicking the marathon (not half marathon) registration button for the fall race.  Following that action I stared at the computer screen like a deer caught in headlights.  “Did I really do that?”

Then out of fear of failure, started a diet/exercise program losing 20 pounds so I would be a lighter runner reducing the health risks of running such a hard race (April thru June).  Also, got checked out by doctor and had a stress test since I’m going on 51.

The shirt from the October 2011 picture below was a large.  In other 2 pics I’m wearing a medium.  The April 2012 pic was just 1 week after beginning diet.

After finishing that effort I began official training for the marathon –  Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 Marathon Training Program (June through October).

1 Rest 3 m run 5 m pace 3 m run Rest 8 Cross
2 Rest 3 m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest 9 Cross
3 Rest 3 m run 5 m pace 3 m run Rest 6 Cross
4 Rest 3 m run 6 m pace 3 m run Rest 11 Cross
5 Rest 3 m run 6 m run 3 m run Rest 12 Cross
6 Rest 3 m run 6 m pace 3 m run Rest 9 Cross
7 Rest 4 m run 7 m pace 4 m run Rest 14 Cross
8 Rest 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 15 Cross
9 Rest 4 m run 7 m pace 4 m run Rest Rest Half Marathon
10 Rest 4 m run 8 m pace 4 m run Rest 17 Cross
11 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 5 m run Rest 18 Cross
12 Rest 5 m run 8 m pace 5 m run Rest 13 Cross
13 Rest 5 m run 5 m pace 5 m run Rest 19 Cross
14 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 5 m run Rest 12 Cross
15 Rest 5 m run 5 m pace 5 m run Rest 20 Cross
16 Rest 5 m run 4 m pace 5 m run Rest 12 Cross
17 Rest 4 m run 3 m run 4 m run Rest 8 Cross
18 Rest 3 m run 2 m run Rest Rest 2 m run Marathon

Here are some stats:

  • My Longest Run (3 weeks before race): 20 miles
  • Most Miles Logged in One Week: 42
  • Fastest Pace I Ran While Training: 8 minute mile
  • Hottest day of training run: 102 degrees
  • Cross Training: Cycling sometimes to and from my office
  • Average Pace During Training: 13 minute mile
  • Race Day Breakfast: Protein Bar, Banana, Coffee, Water, Vitamins
  • Total Miles Logged  Since April Pre and Official Training: 526
  • Illnesses During Training: 2 colds, 2 UTI’s, exercise induced bronchial spasms after 18 miles.
  • Injuries: 0
  • St. Louis Rock and Roll Finishers: 1,900 Full and 9,500 Half Marathoners.
  • Women’s Division Marathon Finishers that were 50+: 79
  • Number of Estimated Steps to Finish Marathon: 42,000
  • Race Recovery: Best yet.  Very little swelling.  Sore/stiff – toes took a beating, but went to dinner night of race. 
  • Marathon Fun Fact: Your foot hits the ground with 4 x your body weight with each step when you run.
  • Favorite Mantra/Scripture: Anything is possible through Christ Who Strengthen’s Me
  • Money I Raised for Charity: $3,345
  • Grand Total Raised for Charity by Team: $52,000

Program for LIFE Runners Pre-Race Banquet

2012 National LIFE Runners Team

I ran 13 minute miles all the way through to the upper teen miles.  Then it began to get really hard.  I struggled with my breathing – that feeling of not getting enough air came over me again.

I used my inhaler once before race and twice after mile 18.  Three bathroom stops with one that had a wait/line.  I walked maybe 3 miles after mile 18.  Then dug deep and ran the rest.  It was hard.  The last 6 miles were very difficult I prayed a lot.  I wore my LIFE Runner Rosary and my Dad’s wedding ring during race.  After the 18th marker… they became the spiritual miles.

Official Race pics can be seen at my website. Click here to go there.

This was also Alex’s High School’s Homecoming weekend…

Alex is the lead percussionist in the band.  Below is video of the drum-line in the parade on Friday night.  Alex is in the middle of the three snare drummers in this video Jim took.  Later they played at the game and then afterwards drove to St. Louis to make the race which was very early the following morning.  It was a full weekend.

Carrie came to St. Louis to run her first 5K.  She almost didn’t make it to the race because of road closings due to the marathon.   Sometimes the hardest part, is just getting to the starting line.  We are really proud of her.  She did great!  I was so moved that she wore her LIFE Runner shirt while helping at Camp Barnabas this summer as well as during her race in St. Louis.  Carrie has run her own marathon with all she has gone through in life.  She is a marathoner Mom.

Alex and Carrie before her first 5k

Gathering at Cathedral before Mass and Pre-Race Banquet

At our pre-race banquet we Skyped in our Singapore Chapter of LIFE Runners.  They lead the group of 250 LIFE Runners and their families in the LIFE Runner Creed.  This occurred at 7:45 pm CST Saturday night.  It was 9 am Sunday morning in Singapore…amazing!

Jon Lim leading the Singapore Chapter in the LIFE Runners creed as they were Skyped into the LIFE Runners Pre-Race Banquet in St. Louis.

Some of my family was able to come down and be there for the race.  It meant a lot!

With family after race – it was hard to get up from sitting position – so I stood.

Jim and Alex drove in after Alex’s Homecoming Game night before so they could be at race.

It was an awesome experience and one I will always remember.

Thanks also to my awesome sponsors who helped me raise over $3,300 for charity  Click here to see the list.

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To my family and friends/team mates who got me to this finish line…you are the best!  Thanks for walking with me on this journey and being there at the end.

Last Post Before My First Marathon…Nervous! Big Dose of Inspiration Found Here

Sunday morning runners like myself will gather before sunrise at the starting line for the St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon.  The best time to view the Orionids Meteor shower will be in those pre-dawn hours.

To get the details for the meteor shower click here.

I’m spending today preparing for race weekend.

  • Prayer,
  • Positive mantra’s,
  • Listen to Favorite Songs
  • Walk 2 miles,
  • Stretching
  • Lots of water,
  • Checking off lists,
  • Packing,
  • Watching DVR‘ed 2012 London Olympic Women’s Marathon and
  • Reading excerpts from Jeff Graboskey’s book, Running with God Across America.

I can feel anxiety beginning to build.  Nervous.

  • Here’s a picture of Women’s Marathon from 2012 Olympics

  • Favorite Scripture Quote:  Anything is possible through Christ Who Strengthens Me  

  • Below are my favorite “power packed” running video’s of great inspiration.  For my team mates and all runners…take it all in – this is for you.

Edison Pena, Chilean Miner that ran NYC Marathon after he was rescued gives his impersonation of Elvis on David Letterman – Love this

Thanks to my husband who supports me always in everything I do…

My next post will be after the marathon.  I will be running from 7 am until at least 12:30 pm (CST).  Appreciate your prayers and support for me and my team mates…the LIFE Runners.