Feed Your Spirit

Feed Your Spirit

There’s something about the peace of the morning and the cool air that is nourishing.  The added benefit of a foggy morning gives way to some of the most beautiful sights, like the sun coming up over the trees.  I saw this on my way back from my 3 miles today.IMG_2271

I am still struggling to get back to a regular schedule but today I really felt stronger and went the full 3 miles.  I probably could have gone further but 3 miles was my goal today.  The inside of my left knee had a ping in it but those kind of things are expected.  Saturday, will be my first long run/walk.


The road ahead is always an unknown but just like the guy in the TV ad says,  “A body in motion, stays in motion.”  To train for a long distance race, it takes discipline, consistency, commitment, perseverance, strength, courage, heart and soul.  It causes you to draw upon your inner strength and push yourself a little further than you’ve gone before.  Never increasing miles though beyond 10% a week to prevent injury.

IMG_2274 (1)

The training also forces you to enjoy the outdoors.

My plan for today…

  • Attend Mass
  • Cook for the week.
  • Fix salads/Eggs (empty jars are ready to fill)


  • Homemade Veggie/Pepperoni Pizza with corn crust
  • Chicken and beef Tacos
  • Hamburgers and Potatoes/Corn on Cobb
  • Refill bird feeders and corn holders outside
  • Some laundry
  • Prep for the week ahead
  • Drink plenty of water – maybe some wine too 🙂



Enjoy your Sunday!

Conquered a Stubborn Incline and Movin’ On

I know it doesn’t look like improvement… an average pace of 13:58.  However, I struggle with a long incline that you can see below the map.  This is the first time I’ve ever run this entire route without stopping.

Even though humidity is so heavy you can cut it with a knife (72 degrees/ 82% humidity), I was still able to continue jogging up that long slow incline that I had not done before.  Then in addition to that, a steep shorter hill towards the end was no picnic but I swung my elbows back further to get momentum.  I made it to the top and kept going.  The end of the run I walked some and then did stretches.  Heart rate 20 minutes after finishing was 120.  Now after 90 minutes it is 89.

My breathing is getting better and I don’t cough now when I finish like I used to do before.   Bruce Lee was one who knew that physical strength and endurance depended on your lung capacity.  That has held me back for so long…but not any more.  That is a major break-through for me.

Here’s the run info:

Distance Elevation Grade
Cat Start End Length Min Max Avg. Max
1.11 mi 1.58 mi 0.47 mi 758 ft 823 ft 2.6%
Did you see the super moon last night?
Here’s an image of it from our deck.
The lights at bottom of pic were houses and other city lights.  I didn’t see any of the shooting stars (from Haley’s Cometmeteor shower) this morning between 4:30 – 5:30 am.  The moon was just too bright.  Earth Sky has great pictures on their Facebook page too if you really want to see some great images of the astronomical occurrence.  The last time there was such – March 2011.
Have a great day and make it count!

Digging In

Today’s my long run for the week – 10 miles.  Here’s my route.

It’s raining and 59 degrees – going anyway.

Running on some trails to give lower leg muscles a break from asphalt.  Trails will be muddy – doesn’t matter.

Had warm lemon water to help liver digest toxins as the body burns stored fat.  So, burn baby burn.  Have lots to lose – will get there.

Pausing After 1 Mile – Beautiful Scene – Awesome!

Rainy Fall Day at Runge Nature Center During 10 Mile Run

Anxious Feet –  Need to Get Going