Salads to Go

One of the best gadgets for creating fresh crisp salads , is the Salad Spinner.  After soaking and rinsing the lettuce, just put the torn leaves into the Spinner basket and with a few hard presses, centrifugal force pulls the water away from the leaves.  I fill it just half way with lettuce and do this twice for each half basket full.


In the past I would combine the salad for the week in a big bowl minus the dressing.


Now I have a better way…


It’s salad in a jar.  Very easy to create.  After cleaning and chopping all of the veggies, fruit, etc., just assemble.  Dressing goes in first then all of the wet produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, berries).  Follow that with lettuce, and other leafy greens.  Make sure it’s stuffed not allowing for air, then seal Mason jar with lid.

I like to have boiled eggs handy to throw into a lunch along with the salad jar and some yogurt.  It’s fast and helps me get my 3 cups of raw veggies in each day.

The jars keep for a good week – sometimes up to 10 days.  These salad jars have Romaine and Butter lettuce with cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, olives and a Ranch dressing.

Try it and then circle back and tell me your favorite salad combo.

Have a great day and make it count!

A Killer Hill but Making Progress – East Feels Irene’s Wrath

Alex and I set out for a 4 mile hike today.  It included half a mile of the steepest hill around here.  I have to admit, we stopped under a shade tree not once but twice.  It was 85 degrees with sun beaming.  Here is elevation image of the hill.  I’m doing my other 3 miles on the treadmill so I can do more running.  Tomorrow my stitches come out and I have to really hit it hard from now on.  The runs have to be in early morning so I get my best work out.  I’m getting ready to prepare baked chicken, with cole slaw, baked potatoes, green beans and homemade bread.  I may not be eating the bread.  It sounds good though.  Here’s the chicken – or what it’s supposed to look like.

Pray for the poor people that felt the brunt of Irene.  Glad she’s gone.  Now many are left to pick up the peices.

Wish me luck. on the rest of my miles.  Then over the next week…I’ll build my speed and then you can… watch me run.  Have a great Sunday night.  Spend it with family and again, make it count!