Changing It Up

Changing It Up

I had some reward points to spend on Amazon.  So, going for the boxing work out that will transform my life.  I’ve always wanted to do this but never had the eqpt.  So the bag and gloves are on their way.  

Boxing benefits both upper and lower body. Also improves hand eye coordination and lowers stress.  I need all of the above. 

Boxing is also a great way to break out of a fitness rut too.  I can’t wait. It’s ranked as one of the top exercises for burning fat/calories, building strength and muscle tone.  The warm up for boxing is 10 minutes of jumping rope.  That’s equal to 30 minutes of running.

I found this combination  for beginners from Jade Alexis…

Jab-cross-duck- move to new spot. Jab-cross-duck-move to new spot.

There’s also a number of apps and various workouts for boxing with heavy bag online.   

I’m in my corner, getting psyched and waiting for the bell.  

 Ding ding!

Doing It!

Two days of my 1200 calorie diet and 600 calorie burning work out.  Walking  2 miles and kicking it to Billy Blanks Tae Bo.  It’s hard but I’m doing it!  

I’m using My Fitness Pal and Map My Run apps and they are excellent tools.  Not weighing for a week.  Can’t wait to see result. 

Going for the Goal(ld)

This last year I’ve picked up some really bad habits.  Used food as an emotional crutch following my husbands 2 strokes and gave in to fatigue.  I have to do more than I have ever before to gain back my health.  Therefore, today begins my 1,200 calorie diet and exercise program that will take me a minimum of 5 months to lose the weight I’ve gained and the confidence I’ve lost in myself.  I’m going to do whatever it takes to climb back to the person that finished a marathon three years ago.

So my diet will be a simple 1200 calorie 6 meal a day plan that is low fat, low sugar and low salt.  The exercise starting out will be a brisk 2.5 mile walk 6 days a week coupled with a 30 minute kickboxing workout.

So here I go…



Mile 26 of St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon

Running Recipes…tell Me Yours

I love to cook especially if the recipe is a healthy one.  I have a stand by recipe of stir fried vegetables – onions, red and green bell peppers cut up along with chopped chicken breast stirring in taco seasoning.  I discovered if you boil and then shred the chicken breast, then add it to that mixture it is absolutely wonderful.  Can’t get enough of it.  This can go on a warm tortilla or on top of a salad.  

I also have to say that I love all of the Sabra flavors of Hummus with tortilla chips.  Grilling anything coupled with blanched asparagus 

and salad in a jar is outstanding.

What are your facorite recipes?

sometimes don’t have the time.  I’m always looking for new recipes or how to improve on the old.

First Week Is Exhausting

So I’ve had 4 training runs and at the end of those days, I’ve been totally exhausted – including tonight.  When I run – to get deeper breath, I breathe 2 breaths in and then two breaths out at running pace.  It helps.  There are hills around my house so I try to run the hill and then walk fast to catch breath.  My goal is to be running the full three miles through – including portion after hills by next week.  My long run Saturday is only 5 miles.  So that’s good too.  Praying while running helps – today’s run offered up for family, team and pregnant women in need.  Working to catch up to this gal in photo from 2013.  😀730078-1090-0040s

Running a Different Kind of Race

Runner's silhouette on the stormy beach, stormy clouds on the sky, light reflecting on the sea

When you least expect it, and like the flip of a light switch, life can take a dramatic turn.  My husband Jim, suffered 2 separate strokes in the last 10 months.  He’s worked hard to come back from both.  He’s made great progress and we are so thankful for that great gift.  Even still, the strokes were life changing.

I see people all the time that ask me, “Are you still running?”  My response…”I’m running a different kind of race right now.”

It’s been hard. Facing fears and then the harsh reality is like a cold slap in the face.   The hardest part of it for Jim…He lost his independence.  Jim is a Vietnam vet, has had numerous back and knee surgeries and a triple bypass in 2010, yet he will clearly and unequivocally tell you that this has been the hardest year of his life. It has been such for me as well.

We are very blessed though with a large family and good friends who have done so much to  help us on through this dark ultra-marathon-like journey.  Very thankful and couldn’t do it without them.

In the beginning, Jim couldn’t get out of bed without two people lifting and pivoting him into a chair.  He had to relearn how to:

  • Write
  • Walk
  • Retrain some neurotransmitters to reconnect or create new paths
  • Compensate for the lost vision
  • Balance himself as he becomes unsteady when he walks.
  • Do things with his arm, hand, leg and foot that don’t feel anything.

The medication he takes makes him sick and the side affects are sometimes brutal and come on without warning even after taking for months.

To see pictures of Jim before the stroke at first, were too painful to look at.  Now, I’m thankful we had that time together and now this time as well.  I wish it could be like before, but realize it could have been so much worse.  The first few nights I stayed at the hospital because I needed to do so.  The next few nights I stayed because I was afraid to go home.  When I pushed myself to do it, walking into our house was like walking into my Dad’s house after losing Mom.  It was an unbearable kind of deep pain.  Our lives were never going to be the same again.  Will he even be able to come home?  I didn’t know at that point what life was going to be like.   I felt so alone, scared and overwhelmed.

As we went through the motions of moving forward like with anything, there were good days and bad days.  Also, God has a way of easing you into reality and slowly reveal what lied ahead.  So we adjust our hopes, dreams and expectations.

I thought I knew stress, but not at this level.

So Jim is now through his rehab and goes to the gym 3 times a week.  He still sees a lot of doctors and struggles with each days challenges – some better than others.  We’ve accepted the fact that our life together will be different going forward and make those adjustments daily.

I’m now climbing my way back to a consistent running schedule.  I ran for second time in  last 4 days and am exhausted.  I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been gained 29 pounds this last year, but am putting picture of Rhonda Rousey on my bathroom mirror – great come from behind story – to inspire me on days I don’t feel like running.  I bought her book.  I”m not into fighting and have never even watched cage fighting, but her story fascinates me.  So I’m using that to push me forward.  I’m using anything I can – anything that works.  If I don’t do this now I may never.

I signed up for the Las Vegas half marathon to run with my teammates the LIFE Runners.  Alex is coming home that weekend to be with Jim.

We do a lot of praying.  We rely on God and do as much as we can leading up to such.  Live life to the fullest.  Don’t look back.  There will always be something there to cause the playing field to be uneven.

My First 2 Mile Run Since Husband’s Stroke 6 Months Ago.

So many times since October I planned to get out and run.  It’s great way to deal with stress, weight management, etc.  laid out clothes, even dressed for such but couldn’t get out the door.  Today was the day!  With lightening in the distant sky, I grabbed my phone at 5:30 am with flashlight app blaring and ran 2 miles.  Doing that every day and growing mile base.  Do it with me then let me know about it!  Running for Life!  Great way to live. See you on the road less traveled!


Make it the best day ever!