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Your world stands still as everything else around you keeps going.  What just happened?  Is this happening?  What am I supposed to do?  Say?  Feel?

My husband Jim had a stroke last week.  I was home, heard him yell out and called 911.  Pressed the medical personnel to move faster and brought in family in case this was it.

The record for an ambulance to make it to Columbia from JC is 18 minutes.  Jim’s got there in 20 – it was a rainy, stormy night.

He went to the local hospital first then they sent him on.  He arrived at the University of Missouri Hospital with a team of doctors/nurses waiting on him.  He would have been life-flighted if the weather cooperated – doesn’t matter, he got there in plenty of time.  We were very lucky.  He was able to receive the “clot-busting” drug just 5 minutes before the 3 hour window closed.

It’s been a little more than a week later.  He was transferred from the very good care of the hospital to Rusk Rehab facility.

I keep trying to do normal things each day to make myself believe that life is going on and we will get back to our life together as it was before.

I will admit it that I’m a little afraid of what the future holds.  Who wouldn’t be…The evenings are the worst – tired and defenses are down.  Begin imaging the worst case.  It’s a cycle.  Just like running and the mind game that is so common with long distance racing.

We all will face these circumstances sometime.  When the sirens are coming for you or your family member, I hope you’re as fortunate as we were to get all we needed in the right amount of time.


Jim has done so much for me over the years.  Aside from the son we had together, I think the next biggest blessing was his support and encouragement of me going back to school to get my undergraduate degree in business.   I would have never done that otherwise.  Oh and by the way…William Shatner delivered the commencement speech.  I graduated summa cum laude too.  photo (13)

Below is our blended family – Rich, Carrie, Jim, me and Alex.  So proud of all of them.


Our son Alex is in his 2nd year of college.  He’s smarter than both of us together.


Here’s a  video from 2 years ago – we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year…Enjoy!

3 comments on “When the Sirens Are For You

  1. pwhent says:

    I am sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you hoping that Jim makes a full and lasting recovery.

  2. dlauf3 says:

    So relieved he is healing so well. This is Another fork in the road of life which you and Jim are handling well. Prayers continuing for a speedy recovery!

  3. OmniRunner says:

    Best wishes. My Dad has had 7 strokes and you can barely tell. It sounds like his was mild.

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