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Half Marathon and Other Musings


  1. My First Half Marathon…From One Rookie to Another Hub Pages Online Publishing Community of Authors Published October 2011
  2. How To Get Organized – Reduce Stress and Save Time Hub Pages Online Publishing Community of Authors Published December 2012.
  3. Pass the Love, Share the Food and Pour the Tea  A family cook book chocked-full of heart warming stories that will make you laugh and cry while you fix great food.
  4. My Family in the News A collection of 71 random newspaper clippings about the Hitz family from 1929 through 1975. Beginning with our father’s first grade report to his Veteran’s Day article in 1975. There are car accidents, engagements, speeding tickets, awards, birth announcements and much, much more. All chronicled in this little book about our family. Enjoy!
  5. How to Sell Your House Fast  Proven tips and tricks to get your home ready for a fast sale. We had a contract within first week of listing.

One comment on “Half Marathon and Other Musings

  1. arapha89 says:

    Anne, thanks for stopping by my blog ! These posts are awesome ! Really helpful for a half-marathon newbie 🙂

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