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Published on October 2, 2011, My First Half Marathon…From One Rookie to Another, has now crossed over into a readership of 22,000 and has earned me $50 through Hubpages Ad program. On  average 10 visitors read the article each day.  It’s been added to several health conscious websites and social media pages (like the one in the image below) which is helping the numbers to continue climbing.  hub pagesAlso, it’s a “featured” article on Hubpages due to traffic and content quality.  As such, Hubpages places it on other “Hubs” and “Topic” page.


Last December I allowed ads to be placed on it to see how that would work and what kind of earnings it would bring.  After 12 months, it has worked its way up to $50.

hubpages 2

Hubpages offers a great opportunity for anyone interested in online publishing.  The articles that receive the most traffic are instructional in nature like a “How To” on a top topic.

Also, there are many strategies you can find online about optimizing your site to get more traffic.  For me, I haven’t given my article much attention over the last year.  I just went in and updated it today.  If I worked at it and added more articles with similar content quality, I could actually begin getting a steady stream of income from them.  It takes a while though and is no “get rich” quick scheme.  I’ve read where some “Hubbers” write one article per week to increase their earnings and traffic.  I have added 2 other articles, but they haven’t taken off as well as this one.

My motivation for writing about my first half marathon was to share with others information from the research I did prior to that race and since then too.  Also, I wanted to share my experience.  Before my first race, I loved reading about and watching videos of others first race experience.

When I decided to train for my first, I searched all over the web to find out as much as possible about every aspect of preparation, training, gear, hydration, nutrition, etc.  Some topics were easy to find others, not so much.  I looked for lists of gear needed, packing suggestions, etc., from other runners and only found one.  So I put it all into this one article to make it as comprehensive as possible.  I also purchased books but mainly stuck to the books for beginners.   If I erred, it was on too much prep/research instead of not enough.

I also blogged about my experience and still do.  Here’s the post after I finished my first half marathon.

Training for first half marathon in 2010

Training for first half marathon in 2010

I love knowing that possibly my experience has helped others make that life changing experience to cross the finish line of their first half marathon.  How cool is that??


My friend Kristina ran her first half marathon with me in NYC in April 2013


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