The Four Miles and Hill Training

photo (9)The overcast skies created a facade of cooler temps.  It was in the mid 70’s, but I was so warm (always 20 degrees warmer than outside temp when running)  I was dripping with perspiration when finished.  Not a pretty picture.  The category 5 hill that was at the start made for a tougher first mile.  That’s always a good training tool though.  Hills present the necessary elevation/resistance to improve speed and strength.  This area always has a lot of gravel on the shoulder of the road before reaching pavement.

I typically get up early.

photo (7)

This was my alarm clock this morning.  It travels everywhere with me.  The crack is from the cargo hold of a previous flight.  I don’t care.  It works and is perfect for me.  The crack just gives it character.

I actually woke up earlier but typically it’s around 4 or 4:30.  I give myself time for coffee/protein bar and vitamins.  Then move over to my computer for posting and email, etc.

Then if I’m training, I try to be dressed and ready to go around 6:30 or so.

My favorite weather to run in is a misty rain and 55 degrees.  That is when I run my best.

Tomorrow it’s suppose to be 52 degrees at 7 am!

Can’t wait for that – will be running 3 miles Friday.

That was the temp for this local 5K that I ran at decent speed.  Enough to win first in my age division.  That gal next to me holding the trophy won best overall.  Even though she is 6 months pregnant, she was able to run/walk fast and keep up with me this past Saturday at  our local group run.  Sharonda is pretty awesome as are all of these LIFE Runners!

LIFE Runners

Tomorrow waits…Timeline_Cover_doNotRename39

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