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Running for Life


The relay blazed a trail through Illinois and yesterday entered St. Louis.  Rain and cool temp caused only the most die-hard of runners to zip through the city streets.  It’s pretty exciting stuff!

Here are the Illinois runners – reaching higher and running farther…

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As the relay made its way to the other side of Illinois the weather took a sharp turn.

Then here are pictures of St. Louis runners digging deep to blaze their trail for the Relay.

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As the Relay makes its way to Mid-MO tomorrow…excitement continues to build.  

Before I leave you today…I have to share this picture – teammate drives from Louisiana to St. Joseph, MO to run 20 miles of the Relay.

Grant Fenske - "Rock Star" LIFE Runner From Louisiana to Missouri to Run 20 Miles of Relay!
Grant Fenske – “Rock Star” runner From Louisiana to Missouri to Run 20 Miles of Relay!

Go team!

4 comments on “Running for Life

  1. Sharonda Donner says:

    You all really inspire me! I just can ‘t wait to run my leg on Tue. See you in Calwood, Mo. tomorrow Chris! All in Christ for Pro -life! Sharonda

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Sharonda! See you tomorrow!

  2. We finally had warm temps in cincy this weekend for a change! I ran 8 miles sat and 5 on Sunday. It felt great not being on the treadmill! 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Hi Sarah – The warmer temps are a welcome relief here too. Just finished 3 days of running with the LIFE Runner relay. Tired, sore and dusty but so glad I was able to do it. I am going to write about it today. I have a 9 mile long run this weekend too. It looks like you are in upper miles too. Keep pluggin away.

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