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Time to Register for the More/fitness Women’s Half Marathon

Tomorrow I’m registering for the More/fitness Women’s Half Marathon!

more halfThis will be my 5th half marathon.

I’ve covered 1,700 miles (estimated steps: 2.7 million) training and running the past 4 half marathons and my first full marathon in October of last year.  I’m going with a friend of mine and can’t wait.  This race is capped at 10,000 and usually fills up fast.  I did this event in 2010 and 2011 – loved it!  Here’s a clip of the 2010 race start which was my first race (cold and rainy with wind chill of 37 degrees).  It was brutal – don’t take it from me, read another runners experience.  Here’s a video that one of the participants put together from the 2010 race.  Central Park is my favorite and springtime in NYC is awesome.  If you are running this or another half marathon for the first time like my friend Kristina, you’ll want to read My First Half Marathon, From One Rookie to Another. All the tips, tricks and lists are there that you’ll need to finish your first half and achieve what you maybe once thought to be impossible.  It will be something you’ll never forget.

So, get your run on – dig in and get going.  This is your moment.  Do it.

Here’s your dose of inspiration:

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