Amazed – First Half Marathon Article At 9,300 Views

moreI wrote this article a little over a year ago and published it on Hubpages.   Amazed at the number of views…9,300.  It gets about 50 each day.  I plan to write another article over Christmas about my first full marathon which was in October.  Any ideas on what the title should be???  Send me your suggestions.  Here’s the link to My First Half Marathon…From One Rookie to Another.

Have a great day!


8 responses

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  2. That is reallly cool! You are quite the publisher! As far as a title…. ‘First Marathon: The After Race Perspective” “Frrst Marathon: Fears conquered” First Marathon: Training made all the difference…. or “First Marathon: Been there, done that. or First Marathon: I DID IT!” First Marathon: Done, never again! Just Kidding…Good Luck!


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