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Five Minutes for Sarah

In April my niece Sarah and her daughter Hunter ran a 5K with me.  It was one of my first days of training for the marathon I will run next month.

Sarah and Hunter finished before me that day.

Sarah is running her own marathon of sorts.  She has a more personal battle she faces.  I wish I could do more to help her.  She is in the fight of her life.

Even still, she finds time to do for others.  Also, she has signed up for the half marathon in St. Louis next month to run with fellow LIFE Runners.  She is a woman of great Faith.

In her youth she traveled to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, more than once, on a pilgrimage.  (Something I have not done yet).  Not an easy trip.  Also, back then, pilgrims stayed with families there not in hotels.   She has set a fine example of showing Gods love through actions and signs of Faith.

Sarah needs a lot of prayers right now.  Serious prayers.  I hope everyone reading this will stop for 5 minutes and say a prayer for her.  The odds are stacked against her.

Stand with her in prayer as she faces off with probably the darkest force she has encountered in her lifetime…and may ever.

I am asking for 5 minutes for Sarah.

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