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Tomorrow 17 Miles – Running with My Heart

I’m not fast but I run with my heart.

What carries us when we are so exhausted and sore??  Our heart and soul.   In anticipation of the run tomorrow, I used a gift certificate today from my birthday (thanks Mary Jo) for a massage.  I opted for a sports massage on my legs.  I was pleased to hear the therapist tell me it was obvious that I did some pretty good stretching  (thanks Pat for advising me on such).

Still, I felt like I got a pretty good work over.

Also hoping there is rain coming so it will cool off again.  Keeping all of my LIFE Runner teammates (300+) around the country and world that may be doing their long runs tomorrow in my thoughts and prayers.

Jeff Graboskey averaged 60 miles per day running across the country.  If he can do that, I can do 17 easy.

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