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The Other Side of the Mountain

Today’s run of 8 miles – not bad.  Much better than yesterdays.  I made sure to stay hydrated and added more carbs to my diet going into the run.    Also, the Vanilla “Power Pack” is the way to go.  Took that in on mile 6 (slowed down some to manage it).

Since I’m at the half way point of training, I guess you could say I have scaled up the mountain and now it is all downhill.  A friend of mine shared that imagery with me.  As a runner, you always are looking for those downhill slopes.

The Other Side of the Mountain was also a favorite movie of mine from the 70’s.  If you haven’ t seen it before you should.  It’s about an Olympic hopeful, Jill Kinmont…  a movie that is also very close to my heart.  The trailer below doesn’t do it justice.  Rent it and see for yourself.

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