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Go for the Gold! Run Your Own Olympics Every Day.

This is week 9 of an 18 week training program.  Scary.  That marathon is getting “bigger in the window.”

I’m knockin’ out some miles and feeling pretty good.  The real test thus far though is coming up this Saturday.  I’ve never run 15 straight miles before in my life.  I’ve never even walked 15 miles.  I’m ready.  How’s your training going?  I still get passed on those Saturday morning runs.  Don’t care.  I am going the distance.

One thing I did this last week while on my long run,   I took each mile at a time.  I didn’t think about all the miles.

I’ll do the same Saturday.

Also, will take Sean’s advice and getting some peanut butter flavored “Power Packs.”   Since I started training from this marathon in April, I’ve run over 220 miles almost equal to running across the state of Missouri.  I have the black toenails to prove it too.  By the time I finish, I will have run three times that distance.  I will probably run the rest of my life, until I can run no more.  Love it.

Missing the Olympics.  Really enjoyed them more this year than before.  Have your own Olympics. Be the best you can be…every day.  Go for the gold.

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