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2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony…Fabulous!


Olympic Closing Ceremony was outstanding.  Again…a lot of drums, anthology of British pop musical performances.

(All Photo’s Below Unless Otherwise Stated,  Courtesy of ABC)Pet Shop Boys as well as One Direction were on hand.  Alex and I saw them at the SNL show we went to in NYC.   then merged with icons from fashion industry.  Moving from a mod to a Gothic theme.  While athletes were in the midst of the performances.  Then came Annie Lennox – one of my  favorites.  She belted out a very dramatic theatrical number as she rode in on a ship.  Russell Brand filled in for Pink Floyd followed by Fat Boy Slim.  Jessie J drove in singing Price Tag .  Taio Cruz added his hit to the mix.  Then came the Spice Girls Reunion.  They each were driven in and then performed with each standing on top of their vehicle.  Guard rails emerged from the roof to allow the cars to move with them on top.  Pretty cool.  Next was Beady Eye performing Wonderwall.  Then came a Monty Python spoof which ended with a human cannon ball.  I love all of  the music – could listen to it all night long.  The larger than life digital projection of lead singer Freddie  Mercury of Queen was pretty stunning.  So of course that had to be the prelude to what else…”We Will Rock You.”  Jessie J did a “rockstar” job of singing it too.  I didn’t have high expectations when I saw her at first, but then she really belted it out.

The Olympic Flag was lowered and passed onto Brasil’s President where it will fly in 2016.

Theme of Rio’s Olympics – “Live Your Passion.”  A carnival themed performance followed with some pretty stunning special effects.  Pele emerged followed by some pretty awesome fireworks that finished that portion of the ceremony.

(Photo Below Courtesy of Mail Online Karwai Tang/Alpha)

Then the games were officially closed and the cauldron or Olympic flame came apart like petals on a flower.  The most amazing light shows occured through out the ceremony.   Things not seen before.  The stage and audience were seamless in the execution of all the special effects.  It was as if they were part of the performance.  The view from above and outside of the arena was unbelievably beautiful.  It ended with the song…”Rule the World.”

An amazing ceremony for sure.  Good night and have a great week.


2 comments on “2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony…Fabulous!

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    It was beautiful!!! I loved it. I think my favorite was Imagine. It was beautiful in its simplicity. I enjoyed the olympics. Will miss them! Great Britain did a fabulous job hosting!!!

    1. Anne says:

      I thought it was too. Really enjoyed them.

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