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Celebrity Chef Recipe Weekend with Rocco Dispirito and Julia Childs


Signature of Julia Child

Signature of Julia Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After the 2012 Olympic Women’s Marathon this morning, we went to Church.  Afterwards, headed to the pool.  Mary Jo and Greg stopped by too.


Believe it or not…it actually has been too hot to be by the pool.  Today the high was 90 and lovin’ it.  Water temp was 85 degrees – perfect.  Flowers are looking tired but considering the conditions, all were in good shape.






Cypress even liked it.  Usually too hot for her.  She was content in the shade.




Greg stayed in the shade.



Afterwards to continue my “Celebrity Chef Recipe Weekend,” made up a batch of Rocco Dispirito‘s Paella.  By the way…he trains and participates in triathlons.  I am a fan of his and some day hope to meet him.  He is an awesome chef and all around interesting person.  Yesterday it was Julia Child‘s, “Beef Bourguignon.”  That was spectacular as usual.  The Paella was just as awesome too.



Here’s mine…



To complement the Beef, I’m making Golden Harvest Mashed Potatoes.  I have 2 other items to prepare for Alex and then finish it off with a colorful garden salad.


Tomorrow is “take your bicycle to work day,” (not really, but I’m going to anyway – 8 miles).  Using that for cross training.  Feeling pretty good after my run yesterday.  Ready to really dig in this week.  Running strong.


Bon Appetit!




One comment on “Celebrity Chef Recipe Weekend with Rocco Dispirito and Julia Childs

  1. Dolores says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Sunday!

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