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Marathon Training and the Long Run

So with my wrapped ankle (for extra support) and my water plan that I handed off to Jim and Alex, I was off for today’s 11 mile run.  I always warm up with a half mile walk and then turn on my “Mapmyrun” app that tracks pace, distance, etc., as I start to run.

I was feeling a bit unsure of myself.  Physically kind of sub par (another night of migraine/nausea/loss of sleep) but determined to dig in and get it done.

Alex and Jim met me at the first pit stop and refilled water bottle.  That was about 5 miles out.  After that I’d see every once in a while a glimpse of Alex driving by to check on me – Jim had to head off to work.

The next pit stop was on Capital Ave by the VFW hall.

At this point I began walking – had an apple and traded off water again.  Then headed back towards Memorial Park.

I walked the last 3 miles but I actually felt pretty good up through mile 7.  So I’m making progress.  Mile 8 was a struggle.  The temp was 77 but humidity was still really high.

So, it’s done.  Thanks to my great team Carmichael for seeing me through again.

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