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Happy Fathers Day!

Early morning run today was pretty good considering my last run was a week ago.  No excuses…but as you can see from my last post I took a trip and days were full from early to late.

So did an easy 3 mile run and here’s the data –

Alex and I had previously planned to do a long morning bike ride on the Katy Trail, but due to the rain last night, we opted to skip it today.  He went with me on the run downtown though.

We went to Church last night (7pm) in preparation for the early bike ride.  As usual, Jim and Alex are in the car waiting on me with engine running.  I was ready early actually, but then I got busy doing something :).

We did get some pool time in before Church earlier in the afternoon.

After our run this morning, Alex and I fixed a big Fathers Day breakfast for Jim.  I closed the shudders to take the picture because the sun was so bright.

So appreciate Jim…Great husband and father.

Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dad’s out there!   See tribute to my Dad and his WWII service.

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