Andy Griffith Show – An American Classic

My brother George loved the Andy Griffith Show.  When we were still living at home, it would come on about 5:00 every night.  It was about the time I’d be home from my paper route.   I don’t know who we laughed at the most Andy, Goober or Barney.  George Lindsey that played Goober died this week.  He gave comic relief to folks during a very turbulent time in our nations history – the sixties.  What we were laughing at as kids, were reruns.  They were still good even 10 and 20 years later.

Each of the many episodes had some underlying theme to emphasize the good in people but more importantly television from that era typically was aligned with Gospel values or something close to such.

We will miss George Lindsey as well as the rest of the cast (Barney who was played by Don Knotts was our favorite).  However, the absence of the Gospel values in todays television is missed even more.

I worry about what kind of country/world this will be as it becomes more secularized.

When I run, I try to pray a rosary or at least say some prayers.  I hope others do the same.  Prayer can change anything.  Our running is a prayer – offer it up as a sacrifice for those you love that are in need.

A beautiful offering…have a great night and don’t forget to say your prayers.


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