My Uncle Robert C. “Bob” Schulte

My Uncle Robert is gone.  He passed away Saturday night at 11 pm.  He was one of the younger Schulte’s with 13 brothers and sisters (12 of which have gone before him…my Mom being one of them).  I know it seems like there have been a lot of deaths lately…there have.  Our family has lost Mickie, Alan, Mary, Margie and now Robert.  All since December.  Also, my good friends the Castle’s lost their Dad too.

Robert or Bob as he preferred to be called, was unique and a big part of the business community in Jefferson City.  While going to college, saved enough to buy a grocery store.  That changed everything.  He was very charitable too.  I went to him on behalf of a local food pantry several years back and he responded by donating $1,000 worth of meat that month and continued to do so.  He had a wonderful spirit that everyone loved.  I will be putting together a tribute to him – it will be a pretty good one too.

In the meantime, here is a video of the Schulte Family Reunions of the past.  I love this video.

Stay tuned.


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