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Music of the Heart

I had to look something up this morning and it made me think of my wedding day.

It was July 7, 1984.  This summer will be our 28th anniversary.  That day so many years ago, was one of the happiest days of my life.  The organist was Lisa Kolb who also played piano.  The two vocalists were Sam Sturm and Cathy Simmons.  They were wonderful.  Cathy also played the flute as well.  I have an audio tape of it but video taping was something new and not as common as it is today.  It has been years since I listened to it so I put it into the only cassette tape deck I have anymore.  Before I knew it, I listened to the whole tape.  What a great memory.  Below is the music – not the actual recording from that day, but just what I found online.



  1. Gymnopedie No. 1 (arr. for flute and harp)
  2. All Good Gifts Motion Picture Soundtrack Godspell
  3. You And I
  4. Prophet Readings on Children and Parents

Processional:  Prelude in C

(Brides Processional)  Wedding Processional from _The Sound Of Music_

Offetory: Take Lord, Receive

Sign of Peace: Sometimes


  1. Dwelling Place
  2.  Sabbath Prayer from Fiddler on the Roof


  1. Organ Concerto in A minor,
  2.  Walk Hand in Hand

One comment on “Music of the Heart

  1. Dolores says:

    Glad to see you’re back on posting again! Sounds like a good day with reflections back on your wedding day…understandable after a loss of a loved one. It was a beauitiful and happy day…big family wedding. Look what all you’ve accomplished since then. Life has been good to you and you’re using God’s talents well. Proud to claim you as my sister! Love you!

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