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Weekend Rush – The Mission: To Get It All In

After work yesterday I headed downtown and did a late afternoon run/walk.  I ran the Capitol steps in between laps.

My legs felt really stiff and tight after sitting all day.  So, after two laps I did a lot of recommended leg stretches.   Then again after I finished too.  I was fairly hydrated when I started but because I was so busy today, I didn’t get enough time to eat a decent lunch so I nibbled on my trusted bag of almonds here and there.  I had a wonderful shrimp salad with pita bread about an hour after I finished.  It was just what I needed.

This morning I’m going to head into the gym but also run outside too.  There’s lots going on this weekend so I need to be a little more organized.

Todays List:

  1. Work Out
  2. Clean House (using neice’s cool homemade product ideas for such)
  3. Cook : Cornish Hens with Safron, Clam Chowder, Mexican Chicken, Tuna Casserole, Salad, Fried Potatoes, Muffins/Bread
  4. Shop for a Gift
  5. Attend Bridal Shower
  6. Work on some things from office

Sundays List:

  1. Long run/walk – 8 miles.
  2. Finish Saturday’s projects
  3. Church
  4. Alex’s Confirmation Class Retreat (6 hours)
  5. Prep for the week
  6. Watch Amazing Race/Celeb Apprentice

Sunday’s Long Run:

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