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Hal Higdon Has the Answers; Grammys Say Goodbye to Whitney Houston

I started reading Hal Higdon‘s book,  Marathon

So far I really love this book.  I have barely begun this read (page 40) but identify totally with all he is saying.  I also know I am in line with his training since it doesn’t actually start till 18 weeks out.  For me that begins June 1st.  I’m not waiting that long.  Also, I have a half marathon in April I’m training for too.  I wanted to add my mapped run (screen shot) but can’t for some reason…hmmm. 

I ran 3.5 miles today at 14 min pace.  I’m feeling good about things and can’t wait to see what else Hal tells me about running a marathon.  Just some facts from him…

To become a successful runner/marathoner you have to

1.Follow a proper diet;

2.Eliminate excess fat;

3.Refrain from smoking and heavy drinking;

4.Get adequate sleep; and

5.Exercise regularly.

I’m okay with most of those.  He also recommends that women over 50 get a cardiology stress test.  Never had one yet but might. 

Also, about 1/3 of those in some of the most popular marathons are running their first one.  Additionally, it’s normal to get emotional about such before, in the corral as you hear the starting gun and/or especially…hitting the finish line.  I get excited thinking about it too.  I feel good running right now.  Yesterday I did 2 miles at 13:40 pace and today almost 3.5 @ 14 minute pace. 

So sad about Whitney Houston.  I love “The Bodygaurd” and especially the soundtrack.  Haven’t heard it in a while – may need to get it again.  Jim and I were at a Lincoln Mercury New Car Show in Tahoe, Nevada back in the Aug or Sept 1992-Burt Bacharack and Dionne Warwick were the entertainers for the evening.  Dionne Warwick was so excited about Whitney’s pregnancy.  She mentioned it several times during her performance.  That was Whitney’s only child – Bobby Kristina. 

We watch the Grammy’s every year – it’s an event at our house.  That year – 1993.  They started the show with Whitney Houston belting out “I Will Always Love You.”  The most dramatic openning to any of the Grammy productions.  She was unbelievable. 

Will always remember her as a very gifted performer that set the World on fire.

2 comments on “Hal Higdon Has the Answers; Grammys Say Goodbye to Whitney Houston

  1. Pat Castle says:

    Yep, got emotional before all 15 marathons…looking fwd to helping Hal coach you to the starting line of the 21 Oct St. Louis rock-n-roll Marathon…and cheering you to the finish line. Interesting that you mentioned the “Lincoln” Mercury car show on Lincoln’s birthday today. “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all [people] are created equal.” “Nobody should have the freedom to do what’s morally wrong.” Will miss Whitney Houston…what a passionate voice…let’s use our voices passionately to speak up like Pres Lincoln and encourage like Hal Higdon…go, Anne!

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks Pat! It will be a great experience and I appreciate all of your help. 🙂

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