Hey World…I Dropped 10 Pounds – From Running I Guess :)

This morning I couldn’t believe it.  I got on the scale and …BAM!  I had stepped off before I realized what I saw.  Then of course I jumped back on and there it was again… a number that I had not seen for a while. The spell has been broken!  I don’t want to be premature, but it wasn’t the typical few pounds here or there, it was 10.  I haven’t weighed much over the last few months thinking it didn’t matter anyway.  I just need to lose 10 more to get to where I used to be and have less weight to run with – means faster too.

I bought a new marathon book – this time Hal Higdon‘s – and I’m following it too for my big race in October 26.2.  I am also in a half marathon in April too.

We watch a lot of Law and Order at our house so for those of you like us you’ll understand this when I say:  “Mariska Hargitay…watch out – competitions coming!”

Well not quite, but it was fun saying it anyway.

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