Getting Started After A Stop

So I got out there finally and did some running anyway.  Not a lot but I did the …run 1 minute walk 1 minute…run 1 minute a walk 5 minutes and then walk another 10 minutes too, etc.

Well that won’t cut it come April 15th because this half marathon in St. Louis has a time limit pace of  13:44 or there will be consequences.  I went 5 miles @ a slower pace.  Tomorrow will be better, but I still did go 5 miles anyway.

I also ran with my LIFE Runner Cap on (not just the headband)…for me – that was pretty radical (cap instead of headband)…  mashing down my hair – you won’t see that very often.

So onward through the day and hopefully by the time I get to the other side I will have a lot of cooking done as well as housework.

Have a great day and make it count.

Also in memory of Karen Carpenter who died on this day in 1983, here’s one of my all time favorite songs.

2 responses

  1. you look good in the cap! Glad to hear you’re getting back on track…also love the Karen Carpenter Video tribute. Such a pretty voice, I loved all their songs.

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