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Washington DC’s Best Kept Secret…Hotel George – The Hotel You Want to Pack Up and Take With You

My son and I went to Washington DC this past week.   I had not been there in several years.  I searched Trip Advisor and other places to find the best hotel that was within my budget.  After reading several very good reviews and then seeing the room rate on Expedia (almost half of the what other hotels were charging), I thought something isn’t right here.  I continued to go back and forth but then finally pushed the button and booked the room.  Initially my son was not going with me on this trip.  It was a few weeks later when he decided to join me.  So I contacted the hotel to see if I could get a roll-a-away bed in the room.  I received the nicest email back from Patrick Donovan, Hotel George‘s Asst. Front Office Manager who took care of that for me and then later sent another email that they had an opening in a better room and moved me there at no extra charge to me.  Very nice!

Upon my arrival the hotel staff were so friendly and accommodating.  It gave me the feeling that I was among friends.  Already, this trip was off to a great start.

When we walked into our room we were not only thrilled with the spacious luxury that it offered, but were so moved by the thoughtfulness of the staff.

Right side of room @ Hotel George

They knew this was Alex’s first trip to DC (I mentioned in an email).  So there were passes to museums, maps and a lot of information about the city especially for us, on the desk.  Also, a couple of gifts that they specifically chose with Alex’s age and new driver status in mind.  Outstanding!

We had not eaten for some time at that point and couldn’t believe our eyes…there were wonderful treats on the desk for us as well.

Fruit and Cheese Plate, Hotel George

This was a first for me and the many hotels I’ve stayed in around the country.  A very nice note from Jasmine Ward, Guest Services Agent for the hotel, accompanied the gifts and food.  We also received a call from the front desk checking to see if the room was suitable and if we needed anything else.  Wow!  I told Alex I’d like to pack this hotel and take it with us.

The Bathroom 

Simply beautiful.

Bathroom Vanity, Hotel George

The bathroom had marble tile flooring, a stand alone shower and the bath tub had the handles on the side which was a nice touch.  The vanity had my favorite feature…the makeup mirror with magnifier – awesome!  Lots of little extras too.

Bath Tub, Hotel George

The shower also had its own set of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.  No messing with little bottles and such.

Stand Alone Shower, Hotel George

I felt a woman must have designed the bathroom…well done.

The Bed

Heavenly!  So soft with its pillow top mattress and quality bedding.  The pillows were perfect for the support I need for my neck yet so soft too.

The Location

This is where I thought the other shoe would drop…it didn’t.  Because the room rate was so much more reasonable than other hotels with similar ratings – very high, I kept thinking there was a catch.

There wasn’t.

It is within walking distance of the Capitol and the Supreme Court as well as many other landmarks.  We walked a lot and I can tell you that the area also was very safe.  We walked to Chinatown and back our first night there.  No problems… just need to be alert.  There were a lot of people around too (Friday night).  I had to spend the rest of the evening going over my notes on a presentation I was to make the next day and had plenty of time to do so after our walk around the area.  Upon our return, the doorman greeted us again, by name.

*Also special note to runners – they have a running map in the room.  Another nice feature being a smaller hotel – once you leave your room you can be outside in about 2 minutes.

Service and Staff 

As I said before, nothing compares to this stay and hotel

The staff make or break a hotel.

It can have all the best amenities, but if coupled with poor customer service, most guests won’t go back.  Also, I have to add, it wasn’t just the arrival and such that the Hotel George staff were so thoughtful, friendly and helpful, it was through out my entire stay.  I met up in DC with a larger group (12 of us) and we had a tight schedule.  Locating family friendly restaurants in DC that have entres under $10 and can accommodate our group on short notice was a bit of a trick.  On Sunday night @ 9:30 we were looking for a restaurant like I described.  We had just finished up with our last function and had not had time to eat since noon.  We drove up to the hotel and the gentleman behind the desk, quickly made a recommendation, placed the call and made reservations for our group that were waiting in their cars out front.  The group was really happy with the restaurant too (Clyde’s).

There were many  other instances where staff went over and above – doing so like it was their standard mode of operation.

Our last night followed a very long and tiring day.  I needed to print out boarding passes for flight home.  I put it off as long as I could…not having the energy to get up and go find the business center.  Finally, I called to ask where to go in hotel for such.  Michael Love, the Hotel George, Front Office Manager, again almost read my mind.  He offered to take care of this for me and just slide the passes under my door.  Another first!  Usually if bringing something to the room it’s another interchange that requires among other things, another tip.  I really appreciated Michael’s help – he was placing them, as he said, under the door – within minutes.  Michael Love also wrote us the nicest note thanking us for our stay with them and included a gift certificate too.  Wow, the hotel that keeps on giving.  More from the all-star staff – awesome!

From the doorman, to the guest and front office, housekeeping staff, etc.  Everyone was more than accommodating.  Setting a high bar for hotel customer service.


Beautifully appointed with grand piano, tasteful yet comfortable furniture.  There are two very large windows they span from floor to ceiling, so if you are waiting on people (as I was), it’s perfect to sit, have some lemon water or hot chocolate.  Also, they have a wine reception in the late afternoon (complementary).  I wasn’t able to make that but would have if I would have been around the hotel at that time.  I didn’t snap a picture of the lobby, but it looked just like this that I plucked from  The black chairs were very comfortable.

Picture courtesy of

The Restaurant: Bistro Bis

Alex and I had lunch there on Sunday.  It has great atmosphere.  We ordered 2 hamburgers, medium well.  They were good.

Alex having lunch at Bistro Bis

The last morning before we departed, I went in to the restaurant to get change.  The staff there that morning, were wonderful.  Very nice – even made me a cup of coffee to go and were very gracious and warm.  The coffee was great too.

When Staying in DC, do yourself a favor and stay with the folks at Hotel George…Washington DC’s best kept secret.

2 comments on “Washington DC’s Best Kept Secret…Hotel George – The Hotel You Want to Pack Up and Take With You

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Good to know, Anne. Will keep it in mind the next time I’m in DC!

  2. Dolores says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great place to stay!

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