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Great Day…Great Week – Bring On Thanksgiving

Today, spent a lot of time online.  I have to watch that – a whole day can blow by  if you arent’ careful.  Nonetheless, I pulled myself away and got a few things done then headed over to my sisters.  She’s a new member of the Mid MO LIFE Runners clan.  She said she’d walk – not run.  Hey, I do my fair share of walking too.  So, I went over and walked with her today.  I mapped it on mapmyrun, before I went over – mapped 3 miles, we ended up doing 2 1/2. 

After we walked, we stopped off at her house and visited on her deck overlooking a great lake. 

There were 2 swans that floated by and I was trying to get a pick of them at sunset.

It was more picturesque than this, my phone has limited photography ability.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my family, friends, all great blessings including my new found friends, the LIFE Runners.

We formed a Mid-MO Chapter of the LIFE Runners. Check it out.  Karla Lang, Chairman, really awesome leader and I think will become a great friend.   Ironman finisher among other acheivements, Mom, wife, etc., is going to lead us through 2 half marathons next year – some will be running full marathons.  Both are in St. Louis …spring and fall.  Go Team!

Have a great night!


One comment on “Great Day…Great Week – Bring On Thanksgiving

  1. Dolores says:

    Wow? I feel like a star!

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