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Happy Veterans Day!

My Dad.  He was the best.  He was also a WWII Veteran.  I created a tribute to his years he served in the 7th Army, 103rd Cactus Division.

Today there was a Veteran’s Service at St. Peter’s Church in Jefferson City, Mo.  My Dad and several others began coordinating that back in the 1960’s and it still continues.  He remained one of the lead coordinators for it until just a few years before he passed away at age 80 back in 2002.  He did many things during his lifetime and made many sacrifices.

To see that we received a Catholic education, Dad took a 2nd job and picked up mail from a train at 2 am and delivered it to another location.  Then went to his full-time job at the Missouri State Library at 8 am.   He did that for several years…there were 6 of us.  The youngest, Greg, had Down Syndrome and needed special care and attention which Dad continued with after Mom passed away.    He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Faith, Duty, Integrity, Honor, Loyalty, Humility, Discipline  and Humor were all not just words to him they were like a code – his code to follow for life.  That was George Hitz or “Jake” as friends called him.

Our war veterans should be honored over and over again.   They gave of themselves and did so with a lot of courage not knowing what was up ahead or around the turn.

My Dad’s division left the U.S. from a New York harbor to head to France.  He said he watched the Statue of Liberty in the distance…not taking his eyes off of it until it was gone.  At the time, he wondered if he would ever see it again.  Many on the ship didn’t.

God bless them all!


2 comments on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Nice, Anne! I went to the Mass and it was beautiful. I cried through most of it remembering Dad. They recognized all the different Veterans from each of the wars. It was very moving.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks! Dad was probably right there with you.
      I’m going to fix a turkey tomorrow (Sunday). Would you and Greg want to come over with George for dinner? I’ll let you do the honors of slicing it. Ha!

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