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Awesome Finish for Both the Women and Men’s Races ING New York City Marathon

Mary Keitany slowed towards the finish and was over-taken by Firehewot Dado who is from Ethiopia.  I just read where the average income there is $380 and she will receive 342 times that for winning.  She didn’t break the World though.  On the mens side Geoffrey Mutai crushes the course record and finishes 2:05.  He ran the NYC Marathon faster than anyone else since it started more than 40 years ago.

I’m still tracking our 2 Jefferson City runners along with Edison Pena, the Chilean miner.

Edison has slowed some due in part I’m sure to his sore knee, he is at mile 14 and is running a pace of 11:29.

Michael Wald is at mile 16:58 and running a pace of 8:09.  Dana Frese is in the lead and is at mile 21 with a pace of 7:53.

I’m sure Edison is being fraught with demons right now.  Telling him he can’t make it and such.  He has had a hard year since the dramatic rescue and instant fame that the miners experienced.  He has struggled this last year as he came to grips with his experience and I pray he is able to finish the race which will help build him up to go forward putting the past behind him.  I fear if he isn’t able to finish, that it will have a huge negative impact on his life going forward.  Let’s all cheer him on!

Dana is coming down the home stretch.  He is on 5th Ave near Gramercy Park and is getting ready to enter Central Park for the last few miles.

More later…


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