The Seussical Sisters Four from Ashley Street Lore

My sisters and I are a Suessical  tribe

Like a pack or a gaggle

We choose to ride life

side saggle.

A commotion always present


We meet and tweet articulatorically repeat

The news of the day or the sentences we say that each other can’t hear over the

tweet repeat snap

tweet repeat snap

from all four of the sisters lore

in a harmonious low roar.

It’s always fun taking all by storm

and ruenanimously tyranically

laughing on the run.

Nothing is safe when the Sisters are loose

keep the engine on go

and the slay hummin-Whoooosh.

So when you hear the cacklatonic tunes of a sisters-a-phone

turn to see if its none other than

my Seussical Sisters Four from our Ashley Street Lore.

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