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Driving Through the Backroads of Missouri

I had to go to Excelsior Springs, Mo today.  Left at 5:30 am.  To get there I had to take some state and county roads due to a detour.  Helped with a telethon for Catholic Radio – plugged Vitae’s KC Event coming up and the organization in general.  I love driving this time of year.

The State Highway was a bit deserted.  By the way, here’s my VW  Bug – I love it!

I didn’t run today – but did yesterday – 3 miles.  Will run tomorrow, Fri and Saturday.   This is taper down period.  Thank goodness – have lots of things waiting for me to do at home.

This is flood water from the Missouri River  left from the spring rains in Richmond, Mo. 

It was a beautiful 80 degree day with no humidity and on my way home, I decided to stop and smell the flowers – sorry for the  cliché.

There is a famous Civil War battle that was fought in Lexington, Mo.  Here is the battlefield.

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