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Done! My 11 mile run/walk Pace 13:38 My best to date.  Burned 1,100 calories.

It wasn’t easy.  I’ve been working at it for a while.

I started at the Nature Center again – what a beautiful place. 

Alex went along but he stayed at Runge while

I continued on to my other 10 miles that would bring me back there.  He didn’t wait till I got back though – too long for him.  He was going to do some sketching.

Yesterday, I got some of the cooking done.  Then today made BBQ Beef – in a crock pot – it is the best for sandwiches.

I usually fix a big salad but we needed something different so I cut up some carrots, radishes and celery.    Then of course there is the muffins – this week is oatmeal raisin and the baked bread.  I also made some Tuna Salad.  I’m out of time but tomorrow night will make some Taco Chicken with Peppers.  Really tired and doing a lot of snacking tonight – on good stuff though.

Shoes did well – still had some pain in toes on left foot.  Will have to adjust them a little.

I’m really tired but feeling good I got my long run in and that I picked up the pace.  Also, Amazing Race is on – gotta go!

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